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How to maintain high temperature alumina ceramic rollers Published:2014-11-23 13:14:41

High temperature alumina ceramic roller is formed by manufacturing ceramic, when you use it ,must pay attention to its maintenance work. It is best  to clean it every two weeks. The cleaning fluid should be choosed the more powerful cleaning strength .You can use a small piece of cloth or sponge, wipe above the high temperature alumina ceramic rollers slowly. After about ten minutes, then use wire brush to scrub it through the spiral way , and then wait five minutes,and clean it with clean water. If you pay attention to cleaning work on it, the service life of the products will be extended accordingly, and reduces the enterprise costs.

It is best to clean the high temperature alumina ceramic rollers after printing every day. As carton printing mostly in ink, so you should choose professional concentrate for cleaning ink, and according to a certain proportion to dilute it for spare before you use high temperature alumina ceramic rollers. If you use rubber covered roller system in the machine,after printing, you must to use clean water round the machine before the ink is not completely dry , until the water has no color ,and then use the diluted cleaning liquid round the machine for ten minutes ,during that time the pressure of rubber covered rollers  can be slightly larger.

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