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Fused silica ceramic roller Published:2014-11-23 13:13:56

Our company is primarily engaged in the research and production of high technology industrial quartz ceramics,and learn the advanced production craft and technology from domestic and foreign ,use unique raw material formula andgrouting forming new technology, apply microwave technology in the production process, improve the products’ quality and production efficiency effectively. We have built the quartz ceramic roller production lines, the main products are: quartz ceramic solid rollers, quartz ceramic hollow rollers. Various specifications of fused quartz plate, quartz refractory material, precision industrial quartz ceramic structure etc..

The company has advanced constant temperature,constant temperature forming and the production of complete sets of processing equipments, during the process of producting products ,we implement the control of management process strictly, so it ensures the traceability of the products.

Our company sets the development, production and sales in one, the products have some characteristics,such as smooth and delicate surface ,high density, high strength, high temperature deformation,abrasion resistance, long service life and so on, all performance indicators have reached or exceeded the level of similar domestic products abroad.


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