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The quartz ceramic rollers for tempering furnace Published:2014-11-23 13:13:11

The quartz ceramic rollers for tempering furnace

1.From the birth of the first  Chinese  quartz ceramic rollers, it has been more than ten years of production history, several thousand ceramic rollers are used smoothly in tempering furnaces of the world ,and the quality is stable and reliable.

2. The surfaces of rollers are smooth and delicate, radial runout is small, the processing precision is better than other similar products,it will make no scratch on the glass.

3 .The steel heads are designed and assembled with anti loose structure,completely solve the problem of loose, and they have long service life.

4 .The steel heads adopt the latest coating antirust technology,they are beautiful and durable.

5.We use our own quartz ceramic rollers processing technology , and retain thimble holes on both ends of the steel head, it will facilitate repair and maintenance in the future.

6. We have various and all specifications products,we can produce various specifications quartz ceramic rollers ,the biggest is φ150*4700mm,the smallest is φ15*750mm  , we can meet the demand of various conditions’ tempering furnace .

7 .Our products implement the jc/t687-1998 standard,through the ISO9001 quality system certification, and be tested and made numbers one by one, we ensure the quality traceability.

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