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The quartz ceramic roller Published:2014-11-23 13:12:22
 The quartz ceramic roller is a key component of horizontal glass tempering furnace, used for supporting and transmitting glass. Excellent ceramic physical properties ensures it is steadily at ambient temperature and high operating temperatures. Outstanding quality, minimum error size. The excellent spindle head connection technology certificated by inspection , ensures the constant round beating in hot state. Special spindle head connection with loosening prevention design, ensures that the head can not be loosed and fall off. Spindle head adopts the latest coating antirust technology, it is beautiful and durable. We have various and all specifications products,we can produce various specifications quartz ceramic rollers , the smallest is φ15*750mm ,the biggest is φ150*4700mm,  we can meet the demand of various conditions’ tempering furnace . Our products implement the JC/T687-1998 standard,through the ISO9001 quality system certification, and be tested and made numbers one by one, we ensure the quality traceability. We help and support of our customers directly and work with customers together as partners. We commit to make improvement continuously , and lead technology progress.

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