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The uses and maintenance of ceramic roller for tempering furnace and the maintenance of spare parts Published:2014-11-23 13:11:44

The  maintenance of rollers

The maintenance to table is very important for maintaining quality ,optimizating life and performance. Roller can be dipped by 3M soft synthetic cloths with pure water. But it’s prohibited to use any soap or detergent! To avoid generating steam ,the rollers must be dry before heated , spare parts should be placed in ventilated and dry place, otherwise, such as long-term storage, sticks may produce mildew, (mildew is organicmicrobe, will naturally disappear at high temperature). If rollers are adhered, we suggest you to use sandpapers to polish ceramic rollesr, and remove any tiny dustand debris by the adhesing cloths.

Dust in the plant must be strictly controlled, including debris falling down from the furnace insulation material and insulation sealing material on the furnace wall. Before make them into the furnace,  the glass debris, dust and the materials ,which used to separate the glass ,must be removed completely. Using the glass cleaning equipments effectively, and following the recommended operation and maintenance schedule, is very important for the surface quality of ceramic rollers. We also suggest you clean the exposed transmission rollers  daily to avoid dust sticking accumulation. Printing ink can not be too much, after printing ,the edge of the glass  also must be cleaned, it’s to avoid ink flows to the roller surface after heating,and  printed on glass surface eventually .

Great treatment is very important, it includes edge grinding completely, make the edge smooth, no debris with the prominent part of glass , otherwise it will cause cracking of glass in production process. The glass dusts and chips on the surface of ceramic rollers will be sticked by glass. The good interior management and operation can bring the following returns:the clean and maintenance times of ceramic roller are reduced, the glass quality stability, and the corresponding to the increase in production capacity.

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