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Quartz sand and quartz powder are used widely. Published:2014-11-23 13:10:36

Quartz sand series products:quartz sand, quartz powder,granular quartz sand

The chemical composition of quartz is SiO 2, crystal is the three party system of oxide minerals,  low  temperature quartz (α- quartz), is the most widely spread in the quartz family deposits of a mineral species.Generalized quartz also includes high temperature quartz (β-silica). Low temperature quartzs are usually with fastigial sixsquare columnar crystals, cylindricals with stripes, similar to the six party double conical spire is actually constituted by two ombohedral single. Quartz aggregates are usually  granular,  block or cluster crystal, crystal gland .

The pure quartz is colorless and transparent, shiny glass, shells  fractures with greasy luster, no cleavage, conchoidal fracture, mohs hardness of 7, specific gravity 2.65. Under pressure or heat ,it can occurs electric effect. The quartz is widely used . The crystal with no crack,no defects is used as the piezo electric aterial, to product the quartz resonators and filters. The rdinary quartz can be used as ordinary quartz glass aterials, purple,pink quartz and agate can also be carved arts and crafts materials.

The quartz sand is an important industrial mineral raw material,widely used in glass, casting, ceramics and refractories,metallurgy, construction, chemical, plastic, rubber, abrasiveand other industries.


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