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The analytical technology of glass engineering safetystrategy Published:2014-11-23 13:08:51

(1) When construction personnel remove glass, they should wear gloves or cloth and paper pad live edge, to avoid scratches. And it is not allowed to handling large area glass against the wind 

(2)When you install the glass,it is not allowed to work at the same time under two layers in the vertical direction, you should stagger with other operations ,it not be three-dimensional construction, the unsafety site below the construction , should be prohibited non pedestrians pass, in order to avoid glass or construction tools  falling hurt others. Installing the glass curtain walls , glass doors and windows at high-rise buildings must stagger with the upper structure engineering and decoration engineering construction intersection operations,  the upper structure,the site below the renovation construction layer shall be installed protective net; from the ground height of 3M,should take the level of safety nets set out 6m.

(3)If the glass is not installed firmly ,it’s forbidden shutting down or rest , after installing it firmly ,you should hung windhook or plug immediately .After each installation is completed ,you should clean up the broken glass on the windowsill and shelves immediately .

(4) Before use the construction machinery in the glass decoration engineering, you should carry out inspection strictly.Electric drill, electric screwdriver, welding nail gun and other electric tools should be insulated voltage test; handheld glass suckers and glass sucker mounted machines, should be done carry weight adsorption and adsorption test duration.

(5)The construction personnel must wear safety helmet,equipped with a tool bag. Doing high altitude operation, should wear non slip shoes, fasten the safety belt.

 (6) The operations personnel ,who installat the glass curtain walls and high-altitudes ,should conduct physical examinations regularly, it is strictly prohibited to employ personnel,who is not suitable for high altitude and basket work to do installation of glass curtain wall and high-altitude glass operation.

(7) When you installat doors and windows or glass partition, it’s forbidden to operate with the ladder in door and window sash or glass frame . The installation of the glass in the steep roof and skylight, you should operate with hanging inclined ladder and fixation .

 (8) When you installat the glass of the window sash, it’s not allowed to put glass on the outer shelf. Where the installation of glass is on high, you should place the glass smoothly, the ertical site below the construction , should e prohibited non pedestrians pass .

(9)The putty processing site should be pre clean, to prevent sand and broken glass mixed with it, hurting the use of personnel.

 (10) With the emergence of a large number of high-rise buildings, aerial works of glass works are becoming more and more.The high-altitude glass engineering should be combined with the actual situation of engineering, formulate rules for safe operation in detail, and construct after obtaining the approval of relevant departments .


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