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The analysis of quartz glass’s optical performance Published:2014-11-23 13:07:38

The optical property of quartz glass has its one's own characteristics, it can through the far UV spectra, is the best ultraviolet permeable material, it also can through the visible and near infrared spectroscopy. Users can arbitrary choose the varieties with their needs, from the band range of 185-3500mμ . Due to the quartz glass can resistant high temperature, the coefficient of thermal expansion is minimal, the chemical thermal stability is good, the ubble,stripe, uniformity, birefringence can be comparable with the general optical glass, so it is the essentialoptical materials which working in a variety of harsh occasions with high stability optical systems.

The structure, impurity content, OH gene and the content of NO,CO of the quartz glass are the main factors affect the spectral transmittance. If the oxygen atoms combine with adverse,it will be a absorption peak at the place of 0.24μ , the quartz glass containing OH groups, at the place of 2.7μ will produce obvious absorption peaks due to molecular vibration . The low UV transmittance is mainly due to the light spectrum is absorbed by atomics with too much metal impurities.

The curve with spectral characteristic of quartz glass.

Fused quartz glass is the great infrared transparent material, but due to the presence of impurities, UV transmittance is very low. Quartz glass obtained from crystal by oxyhydrogen melting , with the defect of oxygen structure, there is an absorption peak at 0.24μ, for it also containing OH groups, so the transmission of  infrared is very low. The high pure optical quartz glass refined by synthetic raw material gas is the best ultraviolet permeable material, butit has the seriousOH absorption peak at the place of 2.7μ. Only the quartz glass made by synthetic raw materials through the fused or non hydrogen flame fused optical ,can through the continuous spectrum very well from the far ultraviolet to the near infrared .


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