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Learn the proper use of ceramic rollers, improve life Published:2014-11-23 13:04:47

      Ceramic rollers in steel furnaces were a very important part for carrying and transport of various materials, affect the operation of the entire device is very large, so the quality of ceramic rollers before using it must carry out inspections of when it is mainly dimensional tolerances, bending and thermal shock capabilities, as well as its fire resistance and wear ability. After checking can be used to confirm there is no problem, the other when in use should pay attention to the correct method to use. Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. Xuzhou Connor below for your comprehensive introduction.

Proper use of ceramic rollers:

1, in the ceramic roller just bought two off when we should add 100 mm long cavity inside ceramic bulk cotton, but also marks the end of a stick is good, in a kiln which must be marked with one, so sticks can easily know how much time was used.

2, ceramic sticks placed in a kiln before going inside coated with a protective layer on top of the length of the effective width sizing is best inside the kiln more than 100 mm, thickness control between 0.8 to 1.2 mm, when sizing can be divided into two to perform, but also between the ceramic sticks sizing must first be cleaned.

3, before the roller into the furnace, must be preheated dry about 24 hours.

4, in the blanks later primer to stick dirty timely to replace the roller, it is best when the temperature dropped to 800 degrees to concentrate replacement rollers.

5, roller kiln in place inside or out when the speed to be faster, sticks out in time to pay attention to the cooling method to avoid because some parts of the case because all of a sudden cooling wind appeared scared; in cooling when not to roll bar directly into the ground, you can use a mechanical rotating stand for cooling, another way to hang vertically cooling effect is very good on the roll bar, and does not require a lot of manpower and material resources.

6, put down for offset rollers to polish the future, but also must be careful of its straightness and diameter degree check, easy reuse.

7. If you are using a suitable roller blank recipe and brick bottom paint, rollers coated with liquid, such roller body will be less affected by the chemical attack, the case off the roll can be effectively controlled.

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