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Application of industrial ceramics Published:2014-11-23 13:03:46

(1), building sanitary ceramics: such as brick, tile, drainage pipe, etc.;
(2), chemical ceramic: all kinds of acid resistant containers, pipelines, towers, pumps, ashand so on
for chemical industry 
(3), chemical porcelain: porcelain crucible, combustion boat, research and so on used in chemical laboratory
(4), electric ceramic: used as the insulator for electric power industry  height pressure gas fire line,  telecommunications, radar and so on.
(5), refractory material: used in various industrial high temperature kilns ;

(6), special ceramics: used in for all kinds of industrial and scientific skills,such as high alumina ceramic, magnesiummagnesium stone , titanium magnesium stone porcelain porcelain, magnetic ceramics,metal ceramics,etc.

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