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Horizontal glass tempering furnace quartz ceramic roller Published:2014-11-23 12:58:55
       Chinese Ceramic Society ceramics industrial ceramics branch executive director of the Professional Committee of units:
       The establishment of innovative research and production enterprises. Through a global leader in ceramic technology and efficient management, customer-centric solutions and to locate and establish partnerships with our customers. Ceramics Co., Ltd. Suzhou Innovation specializes in fused silica ceramic and systems and provide customers with tailored solutions and services, including research and development, design, manufacture, supply, installation, technical consulting, remote and on-site       services. Ceramics Co., Ltd. Suzhou innovative and constantly improve product quality, service skills, to maximize the satisfaction of partners, to promote the industry's progress.
      There is a strong technology-based international management team, a master's degree, undergraduate 10 people, 50 per frontline staff for college or secondary school. Provide long-term continuous professional training for all employees.
      Production technology and equipment in the absorption of China and Europe's most advanced research and development from the idea after independence, with the core technology secrets, patents and utility model patents, with complete intellectual property rights.
      Domestic and international industry leaders in business, listed companies, all customers Ceramics Co., Ltd. Suzhou innovation.
      Main Products :( including product photos, purpose, size, etc.)
      Quartz ceramic products and systems include:
      Horizontal flat glass tempering furnace: ceramic steel roller, roller seals, porous plate, molding, heating elements (heating wire, heating tube) bearings, and so on.
      Float glass production line with: Ceramic transition roller annealing furnace roller gates tile, flat arch, cover tile, brick care, thermocouple hole brick, card neck hanging wall, brick, brick back, horoscopes brick, slag tank lining, large slabs of various monolithic thermal repair with brick, and so on.
      Glass furnace with: ceramic spherical mold, rotating tube, feeding bowls, spout ring, punch, and so on.
      Iron and steel industry: annealing furnace hearth rolls, and so on.
      Solar photovoltaic industry with: polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace square ceramic crucible, thin-film battery production line sputtering roll, and so on.
      Systems and services: According to customer specific requirements, customized ceramic mounting mechanism, operation monitoring and control systems.

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